My grandma is very fond of sweets and desserts. But there is a problem, she is diabetic. Her favorite dessert is 'Semiya Payasam'. So, I always prefer to cook sugar-free Semiya Payasam. Well, it's sweet and also sugar-free. My sugar-free Semiya Payasam is not only suitable for diabetic persons but also for diabetic free persons because this recipe is very tasty as well as healthy.

Semiya Payasam is considered as one of the best South Indian desserts. It is usually served with lunch. Here, I am sharing the recipe for four serves. The cooking time required for this recipe is 20 minutes. You may also need 15 minutes for preparing the ingredients. Following are the important ingredients for this healthy as well as tasty Payasam recipe.

Semiya (Vermicelli): half cup
Milk: 3 cups
Ghee: 2 table spoons
Water: 2 cups
Cashew nuts: 8 numbers
Raisins: 10 numbers
Sugarfree Natura: As required

As you noted, here we are using Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar to make this dessert recipe healthy and tasty. Now let's check how do we cook the tasty Semiya Payasam dessert.

First, heat your frying pan and add ghee to it. Then fry cashew nuts and raisins in it until they become crispy. Keep them aside. Now, add Semiya (vermicelli) to the same frying pan. Make it roast until it becomes golden in color. Keep it aside.

               Image Source: http://www.redchillycurry.com/

Now, boil two cups of water in another utensil. Add the roasted Semiya to the boiled water and cook it for 10 minutes. Add required Sugarfree Natura to it and boil again for two minutes. Now add milk to it and bring milk to boil. Switch off the stove and garnish it with already prepared fried cashew nuts and raisins.

That's it, delicious South Indian Semiya Payasam dessert is ready. Just serve it with the lunch and enjoy with the meals. As here we used Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar, you don't need to worry if you're a person suffering from diabetes or not.

       Image Source: http://mariasmenu.com/