Google Chrome makes your browsing life easy by saving your usernames and passwords for various websites. As Google Chrome auto fill your username and password, you can save your time while browsing to your favourite websites. Unfortunately, this feature may make you lazy and there is a chance that you forget passwords of some websites. In that situation you may want to see saved passwords in Google Chrome to retrieve your username or password.

Here, I am explaining how to see and manage saved passwords in Google Chrome.

1. Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the Chrome menu icon which you can see at the upper right corner of the window.

2. Now scroll down and select settings.

3. Scroll down the settings page and click on show advanced settings as shown in the screenshot.

4. Again scroll down to find passwords and forms section and click on manage passwords.

5. Now a page will appear which shows saved username and passwords corresponding to the websites, as shown in the screenshot.

6. By default the passwords are hidden. In order to see password hover around the website and click on show button.

7. Now sign in with your PC password.

8. That's all, the password corresponding to the website will be shown.

This way you can easily see and manage saved passwords in Google Chrome.