Google Chrome is considered as one of the best internet browsers in the world. Hence, almost every PC owner has Google Chrome in their PC. Browsing experience with Chrome is a breeze but for certain reasons everyone want to block unwanted websites in their browser. Here, I am sharing a way to block unwanted websites in your favorite browser, Google Chrome.

BlockSite is a Google chrome extension which blocks unwanted or distracting websites and helps you to concentrate on your works. Working with Blocksite is simple, just install Blocksite Chrome extension from here and then do right click when you need to block websites. From there you can manage this extremely useful Chrome extension. Add a website you want to block in the options and it is automatically blocked.

Blocksite has many unique features to offer:

Context menu quick access
You just need to right click anywhere on the website and there you have it. You can even quickly block the website you are currently at.

Incognito mode
This Chrome extension even work in the incognito mode, you just need to allow it. Follow these instructions to see how it is done: 

Blocked Words
You can block specific words and whenever the blocked word appears somewhere in the URL, it will be automatically blocked. You can use it for example to block specific search queries on search engines like Google.

Active days and times
You can choose the days and time intervals when you want the Blocksite to be Active.

Uninstall protection
Kids are really smart these days so we add more protection for this. You can prevent the kids to uninstall the extension by setting a password.