Well, YouTube not only have the largest collection of videos but also have great collection of music too. In order to enjoy your favorite music from YouTube, you have to go through many hassles. You always need to open the music video and have to kept the window open. YouTube don't have a repeat button to hear the song again.

Here, there's a solution. You can convert YouTube into a radio station using an extension named Streamus.

Streamus is a browser extension which is very easy to use and give you all basic controls. You can install Streamus Google Chrome extension from its official website. After installation, it appears at the right top of Google Chrome.

Streamus has two sections, one is for searching music and the other is for keeping music. Using Streamus, you can search music, play songs, create playlists, repeat songs and even you can import your YouTube playlist.

With its simple material design, streamus works smoothly in Google Chrome without any hassles. You can enjoy YouTube music while browsing.


We are always lazy to manually delete the unnecessary messages that we receive daily. As a result, all old messages will heap into our inbox and might start eating memory and performance. If you are not cared about old messages, then there's a way to delete old messages automatically from your iPhone. This a very simple tip which will make your message inbox clean and updated.

Follow the steps below to delete old messages automatically.

1. First of all, go to settings and then to messages.
2. Scroll down to the MESSAGE HISTORY section.
3. Now select Keep Messages.
4. Choose either 30 days or year to delete messages older than a month or a year respectively.
That's all. I hope you liked this iPhone tip. Please feel free to drop your comments below.


Undoubtedly, YouTube is the biggest source for videos. You can watch whatever you like by streaming videos online. However, YouTube didn't allow you to download video and watch later. But those days are over; now you can watch YouTube videos offline in your Android phone or tablet.

Follow the steps below to enjoy offline YouTube videos officially.

1. First of all, ensure you have the updated YouTube in your Android device.
2. Open it and browse to your favorite video.
3. Click on the '+' sign on the top of your video.
4. Now select offline video option and choose your preferred video resolution. Data consumption depends on the chosen resolution.
5. Once your video is downloaded, it is saved in the offline category. Offline category will be always present even when you go offline.

NB: Please note that all YouTube videos are not available to watch offline.
That's all. Enjoy watching YouTube videos offline. Please drop your feedback and queries below.


Profile pictures in various social networks are always prone to exploitation. Now, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app among mobile devices. Recently, they even introduced web version of WhatsApp. At default, your WhatsApp profile picture can be seen by anyone who has your contact number in the mobile device.

If you are not comfortable in revealing your WhatsApp profile picture to all, then you have an option to restrict access to your WhatsApp DP. Follow the steps below.

1. Go to WhatsApp Settings.
2. Choose Account and then Privacy.
3. Now you can see various privacy options. Select Profile photo.
4. Change the Everyone option to My contacts so that your profile picture can be seen only by your contacts.

I hope this WhatsApp tip will make you more secure and safer. Your feedback through comments are appreciated.


The peripheral hardware parts of a smartphone are always prone to damage. The external buttons, including power, volume up and down buttons are always exposed to the rugged conditions. In iPhone volume can be controlled within the player but what to do if your power button got damaged? How can you switch off and on your iPhone without the power button? Certainly, there are solutions.

Follow the steps given below to switch off your iPhone without using power button.

1. First of all go to settings.
2. Now select General.
3. Choose Accessibility and scroll down to the INTERACTION section.
4. Tap on Assistive Touch and toggle it to the ON position.
5. Tap the white circle with grey box and expand it.
6. Tap on device.
7. Now tap and hold on the lock screen until an icon with text slide to power off appears.
8. Just slide to the right and your iPhone will be switched off.

NB: If you want to switch on iPhone without using power button then you just need to plugin your iPhone with the charger.

I hope you will find this iPhone tip useful. Please comment below for further queries.


We always prefer ISO image files to play games and backup data. With ISO files, you don't need any CD or external devices to install games and softwares. Usually, ISO format is used when size of the source file is large. So how to create an ISO image file?

Follow the steps below:

1. First of all download and install ISO creator. It is a small file of size around 500 KB.
2. Now open ISO creator.
3. Browse to your folder in which your files to convert are kept in ISO File Path option.
4. You can give a name to the volume in Volume Name option.
5. Now select Folder Path to save the ISO file.
6. Now click on start to begin the conversion.

That's all. Now you can easily backup CDs and DVDs in ISO file. Please feel free to drop your comments below.


Yes, scheduling a Facebook status is not significant as scheduling a blog post but in this busy world you might want to automate the Facebook status too. Scheduling FB status is an process and doesn't need any extra knowledge.

Follow the steps below to schedule your Facebook status.

1. First of all browse to www.laterbro.com
2. Now Login/Signup with Facebook.
3. You will be landed directly on the schedule page.
4. Select the time zone of your area.
4. Type your status in the box given.
5. Click on calendar symbol to choose desired date to post your status.
6. Click on clock symbol to choose desired time.
7. Now check your Facebook account and click on Schedule button.

That's all. Your Facebook status will be posted on the scheduled time. Also note that, you can also schedule your tweet using the above mentioned website.


'Rashid, you chat a lot with me (through WhatsApp) but why you talk less while on phone calls?' one of my friends asked me once. 'I might be thinking texts are more complete than voice' I replied her.
Yes, nowadays, chatting has been getting more significance in personal as well as business contexts. This doesn't mean that chats will replace phone calls in near future but this means people are more comfortable with chats, rather than calls. The reasons for this upgraded comfort level may be different for different persons.

Following are the three reasons behind my  preference of chats over phone calls.

1. Efficiency
Chatting is more easier and efficient than phone calls. Chatting give you more time to think and act whereas phone calls urge you for faster actions. With chatting, you are not going to miss a point as you get enough time but in case of phone calls it's possible to miss or forget crucial points of the conversation or query. Also note that, chats are not just limited to texts because they can be inclusive of photos, voice notes etc to give different dimension in communication.

2. Convenience
Chatting is more convenient to the persons who participate in the communication process. A successful phone call depends up on many things, for example, availability of network. In case of chatting, one can send a message at any time and the message is received when the receiver comes online. Here, a 'surety' exists as the chatting process confirms the delivery of the information.

3. Economical
Well, many people wont take being economical as an important reason to prefer chatting but I do. Yes, the costs for a chat are fractional when compared to phone calls. As everyone, I am also used to hookup with a data plan (2G or 3G) and hence I always prefer chats over calls so that I can escape from expensive call costs. With the living expenses shooting up daily, I don't want to bear extra unnecessary costs.

By thinking out of personal peripherals, I understand that many business firms already started integrations for chatting facilities. Now, customer services of many companies are not limited to phone calls as they have introduced chatting facilities. Apart from customer services, some companies are leading their business to a new dimension by implementing chatting integration. One among them is Quikr.

I am sure you already heard about or used Quikr. For those who don't know about Quikr- it's a free online classifieds where its users can post free ads for buy, sell or rent your products and properties. Quikr is highly popular because it differentiates market place locally with no middleman. The latest innovation from Quikr team is Quikr NXT.

Quikr NXT is an advanced chatting platform which makes the communication between seller and buyer smarter and safe. Through Quikr NXT, you can chat with the buyer straight from your mobile phone, tablet or even from your desktop. The feature to share photos allows users to understand even minute details about the product. The revolutionary Inclusion of chatting already put Quikr ahead of all its competitors. Quikr NXT app is available for all major mobile platforms. To know more, check out www.quikr.in

Now, I have to complete the conversation I quoted in the first paragraph. Forgot? If yes, scroll up to the first paragraph, read again and come back here.

'Rashid, don't be artistic, I know you are such a miser!' She turned and walked away. I just smiled, took my phone and send her a WhatsApp message- 'Yes, I'm'.

Image credit: Quikr