Have you accidentally deleted any important file from your flash drive and want to recover it? Then, this post is for you. Follow my step by step procedure to recover deleted data from your pen drive.

1. In order to recover your deleted data you need a software named Recuva. It is a small software which is around only 4 mb and don't harm your PC in any ways. Download and install Recuva from here.

2. Now launch Recuva from your PC. First you see the welcome to the Recuva wizard dialogue box. Click on the next button.

3. In the next page it asks you for the file type, select All Files if you want to recover all type of files and click on next.

4. Now it asks you for the file location and you should select the option In a specific location and browse to the location of your pen drive. Click on next.

5. Now you can see a message where it shows it is ready to search for your files. Check on the box against Enable Deep Scan and click on start.

6. Recuva starts scanning your flash drive for deleted files. It takes some time answ so leave it undisturbed.

7. After scanning Recuva shows the list of deleted files and you just check the files you wish to recover and click recover. Select the location you want to save deleted files and save them.

That's all. I hope this post will help you and note that you can use the same trick to recover deleted files from any drive of your PC.