If you want to install any OS using your USB drive then you should make your USB device bootable. Installing OS through USB is faster than those through CDs/DVDs. In this post, I am sharing how to make your USB drive bootable.

There are many applications there to convert your USB drive bootable but I prefer Rufus. Rufus is an open source application which supports many operating systems. Size of Rufus is just 625 KB and hence it can make your device bootable at great speed. You just need to double click on the exe file as it is a portable software.

Follow the steps below to make your pendrive bootable:

1. First of all, download Rufus from here and start it by double clicking on executable file.
2. Now you can see a dialogue box with different options.
3. In the first option, device, select your USB drive.
4. The next option is partition scheme and target system type. In this select partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers.
5. The third option is file type and you should choose NTFS.
6. The next option is Cluster size, use the default size given.
7. Write the name of your USB drive In the new volume label box.
8. Now check the option boxes named quick formatcreate a bootable disk using iso image (also locate your iso file of your OS which is to be installed) and create extended label and icons.
9. Now click on start so that the USB drive is formated as well as the iso file is extracted to make the USB device bootable.

NB: In order to install the OS, restart your PC and select USB device as the primary boot option from the BIOS settings.

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