Do you have a habit of missing important notifications in your Android smartphone? If yes, then this post will help you to solve this problem. Reading out your notifications loud automatically will let you know about important notifications and you don't even need to open notifications from your phone. If you want to check top 5 free Android antivirus apps then click here.

Shouter is a small Android app (around 300 KB) that read out your notifications loud so that you can easily understand what kind of notification it is without looking your Android phone. Shouter has many useful features embedded with it. It even can read out your text messages so that you don't need to waste time by reading them on the phone. If someone calling to your phone it also can read out the name of the person who calling to you.

Shouter has an advanced settings panel in which you can select what type of notifications are to be read out . You can select silent hours so that you can set a specific time period and the notifications are not read during this time period. It also has many other options to customise according to your wish
NB: Shouter supports only Android devices with Jellybean 4.3 or above.