Keyboard shortcuts are available for every operating system and they are extremely useful. Keyboard shortcuts save us from tedious mouse clicks and increase our efficiency and productivity. For Windows PC, there are so many keyboard shortcuts for easy usage. We usually use only few shortcuts such as Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V etc but there are many other useful windows shortcuts too.

Here I am sharing a short list of 5 extremely useful windows keyboard that you don't know or you may have forgotten.

1. Ctrl + Shift + N
We usually create a new folder in windows OS by right clicking and selecting new. Create a new folder easily by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N and save from time consuming mouse clicks.

2. Ctrl + Y
We generally use Ctrl + Z to undo the current action but what's the shortcut for redo? Yes, it's Ctrl + Y and this shortcut has the power to save your projects.

3. Win + Pause/Break
In order to see system details window you need to head towards control panel. But you can access system details window instantly by pressing Win + Pause/Break.

4. Alt + Print Screen(Prt Scr)
The screenshot of your Windows PC can be taken by pressing Win + Prt Scr. But by pressing Alt + Prt Scr you can take screenshot only of the active window. Thus you can save time for editing.

5. Alt + Tab
The switching between programs can be easily done by pressing Alt + Tab. Alternatively you may also use Win + Tab shortcut.

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