Better browsing only happens if you have a better browser. Here, I am talking about top 5 browsers for your Android phone or tablet. With technology advances like a shooting star, nowadays whole internet experience can be brought to your palm with a good browser.

So, why waiting? confirm that you have a top android browser to enter web world using my list of best 5 Android browsers.

Chrome doesn't lose any charm when it comes for Android devices. Google has shown its quality instinct in Google Chrome for Android. Browsing experience is highly smooth as every website is correctly optimised to your device through Chrome. You can even request desktop view for mobile friendly websites. With data compression option, Chrome helps you to reduce your mobile data. It gives you privacy through incognito browsing option. Unlike Google Chrome on desktop, this mobile doesn't support Chrome extensions.

If you want good browsing experience with superb download management then you should go for UC Browser. This browser's growth was almost instant from being a simple Java Ucweb browser. UC Browser has a collection of add ons to enhance your browsing experience. With flash support, UC Browser gives you full enjoyment in browsing. It also has incognito browsing option for private browsing.

As its desktop version Mozilla has a very good Android browser in Firefox. It gives you sheer browsing experience similar to Google Chrome. With the help of various add ons browsing can be optimised as your wish. Features like Do Not Track make your browsing through Firefox safe and secure. New update of Firefox even has support for Chromecast. Mozilla has been improving its Android browser in every update.

As one of the most downloaded browsers of Google Play Store Dolphin browser gives you clean and fast browsing experience. With the support for flash it gives brings desktop experience on Android devices. Additionally, it has many add ons which can be useful while browsing. It facilitates you surfing the internet with a personalized home screen, voice and gesture control.

All the above mentioned browsers are big sized and require above average mobile Internet to work smoothly. If you are either  having a device with low memory or slow mobile internet then you should go for Opera Mini. Yes, Opera Mini won't give you great browsing experience but it works well on slow speed networks. The size of Opera Mini is around 1 MB and it won't eat your device's internal memory. With tabbed browsing and bookmarks it gives you all that required for basic browsing.

I hope you will love this list of top browsers for Android devices.