Undoubtedly, Facebook is the largest and the most influential social network in the world. Other social networks can't compete with Facebook's huge user base. As a result of large user base there are many people who misuse Facebook. People misuse Facebook by creating fake accounts for various purposes like hacking, cheating, marketing, spamming, pranking etc.

It's usual for you to doubt about identity of people in your Facebook friend list. But, how to identify a fake Facebook account? Yes, this post will help you to find out.

There is an online tool to identify fake Facebook accounts named FakeOff. The name is really catchy, na? Yeah.

FakeOff analysis your suspect’s timeline activity, photos, browsing habits etc and let you know if they are fake or not; by rating then on the scale of 1 to 10. The rating 1 says the user is fake whereas rating 10 says the user is real.

In order to use FakeOff, first go to their website and log in using your Facebook account. After the successful login it will automatically scan your friends list. Now click let’s check him/her button in front of your suspect’s name. Based on the activity of last 7 days, FakeOff helps you to identify whether your suspect is real or fake. If you want deep research then you can also opt for its premium service.