WhatsApp is the messenger where we share our private moments through images and videos. All the videos and pictures received from WhatsApp show up in the gallery, even if your WhatsApp is locked using any kind of apps. In order to avoid someone peep into your WhatsApp videos and images, you may want to hide them.

There are apps to lock your gallery but locking your gallery may fire unwanted thoughts in those who check your gallery. Hence, hiding your WhatsApp stuffs is the ideal solution. But how to hide your WhatsApp images and videos from your gallery? Here I am sharing a simple trick to keep your WhatsApp stuffs private. Note that this trick works only on Android phones.

First of all you must have a file explorer in your Android device, I recommend you to use ES File Explorer. Using the file explorer, navigate to Home > sdcard > Whatsapp > Media. Now select the folder you want to hide. For example, if you want to hide WhatsApp videos then select the folder Whatsapp Videos. Now, rename the folder by adding a '.' in front of the folder name. Thus Whatsapp Videos folder name changes to .Whatsapp Videos.
Go to gallery and you may wonder to see your WhatsApp pictures and videos hidden. In order to make your videos and images appear, just go to your file explorer and rename the folder by removing '.'

I hope this Android trick will help you out. If you have any doubts then please feel free to drop comments below.