If your tablet is a device commonly used by other persons in your household, then you may want to create user profiles for security purposes. You can create user profiles on tablets using the Android inbuilt facility.

There are two types of profiles- user profiles and restricted user profiles. User profiles have all the access to the Android operating system. This user has access to all apps and settings. The user profile can be protected by a password. The main user doesn't have access to the photos and notes taken within the user profiles, but the primary user can create and delete user profiles.

Restricted user profiles only give restricted access to the users. You can choose the apps to access. These profiles are extremely useful if your curious kids always use your tablet. By restricting certain apps and games you can keep your kids away from unsafe options.

Follow the steps below to add profiles on your Android tablet:

1. Head to the settings page and select users.
2. Press add a user or profile.
3. Choose whether you want to create user or restricted profile.
4. If you choose user then Google lead your new user through the account
setup process.
5. If you choose restricted profile, then set up a pattern password first.
6. Now choose the apps which the new user has access to.

Now when you unlock the screen, you’ll be able to pick between which account you want to use.