It's usual to block or censor certain websites in your country or organization. Here, I am sharing a way to access blocked and censored websites through Google Chrome.

Various types of extensions are available for Google Chrome. Hola Better Internet is one among them. It helps you to browse internet anonymously so that you can access blocked websites. Basically Hola Better Internet is a Unblocker VPN proxy service. 

Follow the steps below and enjoy the freedom to surf internet.

1. Install Hola Better Internet extension to your Google Chrome browser.
2. Using Chrome, browse to the blocked website.
3. Press Hola icon at the top right of the browser.
4. Now choose the desired country and surf blocked websites freely.


WhatsApp is considered as the most popular instant messenger among smartphone users. WhatsApp is available for almost all mobile phone platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian etc. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is not available for Java mobile phones except few Nokia phones. Here, I come with a trick to install WhatsApp on unsupported java phones.

Follow the steps below to install WhatsApp on java mobile phones.

1. Download WhatsApp java application to your PC.
2. Connect your java phone to PC via USB or Bluetooth.
3. Transfer java WhatsApp file to your mobile phone.
4. Now open the java file from your phone and install WhatsApp.

That's it. Now enjoy WhatsApp on your java phone.

Alternatively, you can also download WhatsApp java file using your UC Browser. Don't forget to change the extension of downloaded file to .jar.


While searching for projects and seminars, I always save webpages in PDF format so that I can refer them later. Converting webpages to PDF in PC is easy, but nowadays we consistently use mobile devices for browsing purposes. Here, I am sharing a method to save webpages in PDF format on Android devices.

To convert webpage to PDF, you need to install an app named UrlToPDF. UrlToPDF is a handy app that converts webpages to PDF easily. There are two ways to use UrlToPDF.

Method 1:
1. Download and install UrlToPDF.
2. Open UrlToPDF and browse to your desired webpage.
3. Click convert button and save converted PDF file to SD Card.

Method 2:
1. Open your favourite browser.
2. Browse to your desired webpage.
3. Click Share option and select UrlToPDF
4. Convert the exported URL to PDF format and save to SD Card.

That's all. Now enjoy reading webpages later in PDF format.


There are many things you may not know about Android OS. I believe one among them is Android tip to add owner info on your lock screen. Now, you can add owner information on your Android phone without installing any kind of apps.

Putting contact info on lock screen is extremely helpful in certain situations. For example, you forgot your Android device somewhere and someone found your device wants to give back you the phone. As the phone is locked, the person who found the phone get your contact information from the lock screen itself (This happens only if the person is honest!!).

Now let's go to the Android thing. It's very simple to add contact info on the lock screen.
First, go to the settings, then select security and Owner info and add your contact information. (In some devices, there will be an additional option screen security to reach Owner info).
That's it.


In order to avoid someone using your iPhone peep into your WhatsApp conversations, it's necessary to lock WhatsApp. Here, allthetrickz provides you a way to lock WhatsApp in your iPhone.
You can lock WhatsApp with a password by installing an app named iAppLock. The app helps you to lock not only WhatsApp but also other apps too. 

Follow the steps below to lock WhatsApp.

1. Download and install iAppLock on your iPhone.
2. Open the app and go to the Settings page and choose a password.
3. Now, navigate to the Protected Apps section in the app.
4. Then drag and drop the WhatsApp (you can select any app) to protect them from unauthorized access. That's all.

NB: iAppLock is available for all IOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod.


Do you ever think of blocking certain websites from your Android Phone? If you have kids who constantly play games on your mobile phone, then you may need to put parental control on your device because kids are getting smarter. Do you know how to block websites in your Android device? 

There are many ways to block websites and I prefer installing certain apps. Here I am listing an effective app to block undesirable websites.

Mobile Security & Antivirus from Trend micro
It is basically an antivirus for Android devices, but it has a feature to block sites.
Follow the steps below.
1. Install the app and run it.
2. Go to Options and select Safe surfing.
3. Swipe to Parental Controls and click set up an account.
4. Create an account and you'll see an option named Blocked List in the app.
5. Select Blocked List and tap Add. Now add the websites you want to block one at a time.


Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Are you using your smart phone in the late evening? Are you used with late night chats? Then there's a great chance that you suffer from some eye problems.

Here, I am sharing an Android app named Twilight which helps you to keep your eyes strain free while staring continuously on your mobile phone display in the late evenings.

Developers of Twilight explain this case as following:

"Recent research suggests that exposure to blue light before sleep may distort your natural (circadian) rhythm and cause inability to fall asleep.
The cause is the photoreceptor in your eyes, called Melanopsin. This receptor is sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range, which may suppress Melatonin production - a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep-wake cycles.
In experimental scientific studies, it has been shown an average person reading on a tablet or smart phone for a couple of hours before bedtime may find their sleep delayed by about an hour.
The Twilight app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. It filters the blue spectrum on your phone or tablet after sunset and protects your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The filter intensity is smoothly adjusted to the sun cycle based on your local sunset and sunrise times."

Note that it will be little difficult to start with Twilight as it changes the colour pattern of mobile display significantly, but be patient to get used with changes to protect your precious eyes.


Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most popular and arguably the best messenger for smart phones. WhatsApp has a huge user base as it's almost impossible to find a smartphone without WhatsApp. WhatsApp users had already forgotten about SMS services.

What happens if someone is using your mobile phone? There is a chance that other persons can peep into your WhatsApp conversations. In order to avoid such embarrassing situations it's good to lock your WhatsApp with a password.

With an Android app called Whatslock (Lock for WhatsApp) it's possible to lock WhatsApp with a password or pattern. Thus, you can protect your private chats. Whatslock (Lock for WhatsApp) also has an option called 'drunk mode' to avoid sending embarrassing messages when you are drunk.


Vine is considered as the most popular video sharing app. With short looping videos, it's a pleasure to use. Here, I am sharing a step by step tutorial to download Vine videos to your smart phone.

Requirements: Android phone with two apps installed, Vine and Video Downloader (for Vines)

1. Download and install Video Downloader (for Vines) from Google Play Store
2. Open your Vine app and navigate to your desired video (works only with timeline videos)
3. Now click Share menu and select Share to option from it. Then select Video Downloader (for Vines) and download your vine video.

I hope you liked this tutorial about how to download Vine videos to Mobile devices.


Here, allthetrickz.net brings you a simple method to install and use WhatsApp on your PC. Follow the simple steps given below to obtain WhatsApp messenger for PC.

1. Go to the official website of WhatsApp and download WhatsApp.apk file to your PC.
2. Now, download and install Bluestacks from www.bluestacks.com. Bluestacks is an Android emulator and helps Android apps and games to work on PC.
3. Double click on WhatsApp.apk file and it will be installed.
4. Now open Blustacks software. You will be able to see WhatsApp icon under My Apps option.
5. Open WhatsApp by clicking the icon and start it as you use WhatsApp with your phone.
6. In the verification process, wait for some time to receive the call with the code which is to be entered.
7. Enjoy WhatsApp on your PC.

NB: If you are facing problems in getting the contacts, then go to menu icon at the top right corner, click on contact icon and add contact on WhatsApp.


Requirements: English writing skills
Payout method: PayPal
Minimum payout: $20
Countries accepted: All

Are you interested in writing articles? If yes, iwriter is for you. Don't worry about your writing skills because iwriter is considered as the best platform for beginners. Anyone can join writer and earn money by writing articles. Iwriter is an ideal place for who just begun their writing career.
Basically, iwriter is a market place where you write articles for clients, according to their wishes. You need to write on specific topic given by the clients and also need to obey all the instructions given by them so that the articles are approved easily.

In iwriter, there are four levels namely basic, premium, elite and elite plus. You start from being a basic writer and your earnings per article will be low. You should earn high ratings from clients to increment the levels. In higher levels, you get higher earnings per article. For example, as a basic writer you can earn 1.62$ from a 300 words article, whereas the payout of the same article for a premium(4.1+ rating), elite(4.6+ rating) and elite plus(4.9+) levels is 3.65$, 5.67$ and 16.2$ Shortly, iWriter pays its writers based on their levels. You should have a minimum of 30 ratings to increment your level.

If you are a beginner in writing articles then choose iWriter to polish your writing skills. As a basic writer, you can start write articles for clients by taking a simple grammar test. Once the article is approved by the client, the money is accumulated on your iWriter account. Once in a week that is Tuesday(there are also other options too) You can withdraw your money through PayPal.


To create a WhatsApp account, you will need a phone number, but what about installing WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card slot?

Here, allthetrickz.net brings you a simple way to install WhatsApp on your tablet. In order to install, you must have a working phone number (in your mobile phone). You can use either a new number or your current number but note that if you use your current phone number then you will lose the WhatsApp account on your smartphone and it will be transferred to your tablet.

Now follow the steps below clearly for hassle free installation of WhatsApp on your tablet.

1. First of all download the WhatsApp.apk file from the WhatsApp website on your tablet. In order to do this use Chrome as your browser and then request the Desktop site. From there, click on the Android download and the apk file will be downloaded to your tablet. Alternatively, you can download the apk file using your PC and then it to your tablet.
2. Ensure that you have enabled the feature to install from Unknown Sources. To check if you are, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources on your tablet.
3. Install the WhatsApp .apk on your tablet.
4. Now, enter the app and follow the instructions given. When WhatsApp asks for a number to authorize the application, enter in your number. As it won’t authenticate automatically, you will receive a text message with a code that you can use to authorize the app (or you will get a call with the code).Once authorized, set-up your WhatsApp account as per normal.

Now enjoy WhatsApp on your tablet.