PostLoop is one cool forum posting service that enables us to earn money online by posting on forums.

For every post you make, you earn a certain number of points, which you can trade in for money when you have reached a minimum of 100 points. PostLoop users currently earn an average of 1.49 points per post and can cash in their points for a rate of $0.05 per point. That means an average PostLoop user earns about $5 for every 67 posts he or she makes. The higher quality your posts, the more you'll earn!

PostLoop is free to use. Just fill in the sign up form to get started! It will give you the option to submit a forum of your own, but if you only want to post, you can skip this part. Once you've signed up, go to The PostLoop Portal and sign up. Remember your username and password, because you'll need it in a moment!

After registering at The PostLoop Portal, you'll need to subscribe to it. This step is very important because you need to subscribe in order to have your posts counted. You will find instructions and a link explaining how you can subscribe at the "View Forums" page on the main PostLoop site.

Fill in your username and password to subscribe and start posting on The PostLoop Portal. These posts are your "audition," for PostLoop, so make sure they're good ones! Make sure that you:
* use correct English spelling and grammar to the best of your ability
* contribute meaningful posts to existing threads, and begin a thread or two of your own
* write posts of reasonable length, not just single sentences

After you make ten posts on The PostLoop Portal, you will automatically be submitted for approval by a moderator. If your posts are acceptable, you will be approved to join PostLoop within 24 hours.
After the approval you can start posting on other forums. One of the great things about PostLoop is the wide variety of forums you can choose from, everything from the ubiquitous gaming forums to parenting forums to forums for niche interests or local communities. Whatever your interests, you are sure to be able to find a forum that you can make a meaningful contribution to.

The more points a forum has, the more points you will get for posting there. The number of posts you'll receive is also affected by the rating given to you by the PostLoop moderator who approved you, and eventually from the owners of the forums you post on. Follow the same procedure you used by the PostLoop Portal: sign up (keeping track of your username and password), go back to View Forums to subscribe, then start posting!

The forum owner will have the opportunity to rate your posts once you have submitted a total of five. Keep in mind that this rating can be changed, so if you submit five great posts and then switch to short replies with bad spelling and grammar after you've been rated, you will get penalized! Likewise, if your first posts aren't what the forum owner is looking for and they give you a low rating, they have the opportunity to tell you (in a private comment) what they would like to see improved, and you will have a chance to do better and improve your rating.

Once you've reached a minimum of 100 points, you can go to your PostLoop dashboard to cash in your points. You must have a valid PayPal account in order to withdraw money. Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.

So why are you waiting?! Go to WWW.POSTLOOP.COM and start earning money online by forum posting.