Now a days, as soon as a kid passes the toddler stage, he or she needs a smartphone or smart device mostly to play games and listen to music.
Using iPhone restrictions, you can prevent your kids from accessing some specific features of the iPhone, iPad or iPhone touch. So lets see how we can activate and use the feature to make sure that our kids never see something that they are not supposed to see.

Enabling iPhone Restriction
1. To enable restriction on your device, launch iOS settings from the Springboard and navigate to General settings.
2. Here, tap on the Restriction option and when the Restriction page opens up, tap on Enable Restrictions to enable the feature.
3. When you enable the feature, iPhone will ask you to provide a new 4 digit pin to set you as an authorized person. Make sure that the PIN you are entering cannot be easily guessed by the kids and enable restrictions on the iPhone. This pass code should be separate from the code that’s used to unlock the iPhone.
4. Having done that, you can now control all the aspects of parental control available. The first thing you can do is disable apps like Safari, App Store. This will make sure that your kids don’t surf the unsafe web and use only the apps you want them to. If your iPhone has Siri, turning off explicit language would also be a good option. Next, you can control the content of music and podcasts along within app purchase if it’s your credit card that’s linked to the app store. There are many privacy settings related settings you can configure. You can also set volume limit to make sure that kids don’t hear very loud music and damage their ears
5. If you want to remove the restriction any day, simply tap the Disable Restriction button at the top and provide the password that you used in the first place.

So that was how you can setup parental control on your device and restrict the activities of your kids.

NB: The guide has been written on IOS version 6.0.1 on iPod touch and you might see some changes in feature depending on the OS and device you are using.