If you are visiting a friend or sitting in front of the TV wondering what to watch, Movie Twist is a handy android app you can fire up to figure out what you should enjoy when Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu's own recommendation engines fail you.

The app offers might beodes: for one, you can tell the app how you feel at the moment, and the app will suggest some films that mightbe a good fit for your mood. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, happy, emotional, or angry, the app can suggest a film to suit it. Similarly, the app organizes films extensively by tag, so you can select specific tags for the type of movies you're interested in (or that you'd rather avoid) and Movie Twist will organize your suggestions accordingly.

Movie Twist also gives you individual sliders for theviolent, but elements of a film that you can drag slidersto refine its selections. Looking for a film that's not violent but really funny? Drag the corresponding silders down and up, respectively. Select the genres or details you want, and tap explore to see the app's recommendations for you. The suggestions are ordered by relevance to your selections, and you can tap each to get more information about it from IMDB. Movie Twist is free, and available now at Google Play.


Follow the steps below to install ubuntu on your pc using your pendrive or flashdrive.

1. Download the iso ubuntu file which you want from HERE
2. Download the universal usb installer from HERE. Insert your pendrive and start the application
3. Follow the instructions on screen.See THIS for more info.
4. Keep the flash drive inserted and reboot your PC.
5. Make sure that the bois gives first preference to flash drives rather than hard drive
6. Click on Try ubuntu from flash drive. It will give you an option to install it(But wait not so fast!)
7. During installation you will be given a set of options one of them is Partitioning . Refer to THIS . This will help you for partitioning your system
8. Then start the install
9. Follow onscreen instructions.
10. After install is over reboot your system and enjoy Ubuntu.


DiskDigger is one of the most popular programs to recover deleted files from Windows, which encourage the main company to create some other program for the Android .

However, it must be mentioned that the pictures that the program can retrieve are those who are deleted by mistake from the phone or from the Android panel in a short time only! That is, if you delete images from the phone for more than a week or a month, the program may be unable to retrieve all deleted photos by 100%, bescause the new images Can Take The place Of The deleted photos and this Will eventually cause the inability for the program to retrieve deleted photos From the Android phone. 

Unfortunately, the program DiskDigger only works on Android rooted devices.
Click here to read How The Program Works (with screenshots)
You can download the app by searching diskdigger on google play store.


This is the tutorial to undo your sent email from gmail. You can't actually bring that mail back from the receiver's inbox once sent but you can stop that message on its way. In your gmail account there is feature about which most of the people are unaware of. Have you heard about gmail labs, that page which contains some really useful tools for your mailbox and are currently going through evaluation and other things. Follow the steps below to undo sent mail in gmail.

1. Log in to your Gmail account and click on the settings option on the top
2. Check for the "Labs" Tab in your settings
3. Scroll down, Near the bottom you will find an Undo send app for Gmail by Yuzo, select "Enable" option beside the app and then save your settings.

Now you are done, By default the undo time is 10 seconds, but if you want, you can customize it by going to your general settings.

Now, whenever you will send an email in the sent mail notification option (appears just after sending in yellow background) you will see an Undo option which you can use only within the selected time.


Here you can learn how to convert videos to any other extension or format using your android mobile phone. The application called Android Video Converter converts any video in your phone to several extensions like avi, vob, 3gp and also it can convert video clips to audio.

To download the app opens the google play store and search for Video Converter Android or you can download it HERE.

After downloading and installing the app, it may ask you to download the appropriate Codec for the phone. So don’t hesitate in accepting the demand and downloading. After completion of the install process, go to application icon and open the program, then browse your folders and search for videos that you want well to convert to the extension you want.

After selecting the file via selecting it, scroll down a little to the bottom and look for the word Convert, where after clicking it a window will pop up containing 5 characteristics.


Some Countries block or restrict websites and services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Imagine you are at work or college and you need to check your Facebook profile, or want to watch a YouTube video but damn its blocked.

Here we have a solution. Stealthy is an extension available for Firefox that lets you access websites which are blocked or restricted by your country or organization. What this extension does is after installation it automatically selects and sets up tested proxies from the cloud and sets up a proxy on your browser by assigning a foreign IP address to your Computer and you’re ready to access that site without any issues.

How it works:
Once installed, a small stealth aircraft icon will be appearing in your navigation bar. The colour is red by default, indicating Stealthy is off. After clicking on it, Stealthy automatically searches for an appropriate proxy, sets up your browser, and turns the icon green, meaning you are now in Stealth mode.


Now it's time to install windows 8 on your PC. It is very easy to do with the following simple steps.

1. First of all insert Windows 8 DVD or Pen drive on your PC, after that your CPU will automatically load windows from your boot-able device.
2. Now click on INSTALL NOW and proceed to the next step.
3. Now if you don't want latest updates then choose NO THANKS and go to the next step.
4. Now, after step 3, choose the windows 8 pack as WINDOWS 8 ENTERPRISE 32 BIT.
5. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed to the next step.
6. Now choose the CUSTOM MODE and click on the next step.
7. Now Select the drive in which you want to install the windows 8. Suppose if you Choose C drive, then the C drive should be empty otherwise you will loose all data from C drive.
8. Now just wait for some time, your PC will restart 2/3 times during installation.
After that Enjoy Windows 8 on your computer.


Now a days, as soon as a kid passes the toddler stage, he or she needs a smartphone or smart device mostly to play games and listen to music.
Using iPhone restrictions, you can prevent your kids from accessing some specific features of the iPhone, iPad or iPhone touch. So lets see how we can activate and use the feature to make sure that our kids never see something that they are not supposed to see.

Enabling iPhone Restriction
1. To enable restriction on your device, launch iOS settings from the Springboard and navigate to General settings.
2. Here, tap on the Restriction option and when the Restriction page opens up, tap on Enable Restrictions to enable the feature.
3. When you enable the feature, iPhone will ask you to provide a new 4 digit pin to set you as an authorized person. Make sure that the PIN you are entering cannot be easily guessed by the kids and enable restrictions on the iPhone. This pass code should be separate from the code that’s used to unlock the iPhone.
4. Having done that, you can now control all the aspects of parental control available. The first thing you can do is disable apps like Safari, App Store. This will make sure that your kids don’t surf the unsafe web and use only the apps you want them to. If your iPhone has Siri, turning off explicit language would also be a good option. Next, you can control the content of music and podcasts along within app purchase if it’s your credit card that’s linked to the app store. There are many privacy settings related settings you can configure. You can also set volume limit to make sure that kids don’t hear very loud music and damage their ears
5. If you want to remove the restriction any day, simply tap the Disable Restriction button at the top and provide the password that you used in the first place.

So that was how you can setup parental control on your device and restrict the activities of your kids.

NB: The guide has been written on IOS version 6.0.1 on iPod touch and you might see some changes in feature depending on the OS and device you are using.


Its a trick to spy your friends using your smartphone. If try this trick then you can easily listen your friends when they are far away from you. Follow the steps below to spy your friends.

1. First of all you need a smartphone [e.g. Android]
2. Now download an app named M-Spy on your smartphone.
3. Now app will ask you to set a secret code. Just set it anything e.g 1234
4. Now give your phone to your friends to use it and leave the place for sometime.
5. Now send a SMS with the secret code which you set in step 3. e.g. 1234 CALL to your number which is in your smartphone
6. Now your phone will make a call to that number from which it received the code which you set in step 3.
7. If you want to make this prank successful then set your phone on silent mode and listen what your friends says about you in your absence.


Follow the steps below to download youtube videos.

1. Go to youtube.com and reach the video page, the video you want to download.
2. Just remove 'www.' from the video url in the address bar and add 'ss' and press enter.
3. A new page will be opened.
4. Choose the format you need to download.
For eg: If the Video URL is
then you need to just add 'ss' in front of it and remove 'www.' , as this

We can use the same procedure in mobile phones and PC.In mobile phone use operamini browser for best results.


Earlier, we needed a credit card for verifying PayPal account in India. But nowadays you can verify PayPal account even without a credit card. Follow the steps below to get verified.

1. Log in to your PayPal  account. Click on the get verified link on the top of your paypal page.
2. You’ll see multiple ways to verify. Click on Link My Bank Account button.
3. Add your bank account details and then click on Start process to confirm bank account and get verified link.

Now, PayPal  will make two small deposits into your bank account. Check your bank account transaction details after 4-5 days and then enter those two small amounts in PayPal verification page again. That’s it.

Your PayPal account is verified now and all the restrictions are gone.