Agree with the fact that installing a Linux operating system in the past was not a cakewalk. People feared that they might mess up with their hard drive partition and even with the Windows that’s installed with all the partitions and disk formatting that has to be done.
Well, now that’s not more a concern. With the Windows installer for Ubuntu Desktop (Wubi) you can install Ubuntu just like any other windows application.

So lets see how we can use Wubi to install Ubuntu easily.

1. To get started, download the Windows installer for Ubuntu Desktop on your computer and run it with administrative privileges. Ubuntu will ask you if you would like to donate to the project. You can go ahead and make your contribution or install it without making any donation.

2. When you run the program, it will ask you some basic details regarding the installation. The first thing you need to select is the drive you want to install Ubuntu. An empty drive is not mandatory but make sure you don’t install it on the same drive where Windows is installed. The installation does not delete any pre-existing file on the drive but still it would be a wise decision tomake a backup.

3. After selecting the drive, select the amount of space you want to dedicate to Ubuntu. The depends on how extensively you are goingto use the OS. Finally select the desktop environment you would like to use. By default it would be Ubuntu and I would recommend you to stick with the default if you are using Ubuntu for the first time.

4. Finally set up a user-name and a password you would like to use for Ubuntu and press the Install button.

That’s all, the installer will automatically download and install Ubuntu on your computer and take care of everything. If you want to uninstall Ubuntu any day, simply run the installer again and select the Uninstall option. Simple and easy!