To make our days energetic and fruitful, we need a perfect start every day. Keeping our mornings busy and ordinary make days tiring and uninteresting. A great beginning to a day will make the whole day great. Here, in this blog post, I am sharing my own ways to turn good mornings to gold mornings.

Wake Up Early
Waking up late makes things messy in the morning. If you wake up late then you don't even get enough time to breathe. You would rush to the bathroom and wouldn't eat your breakfast fully. You would be in a hurry until you reach your office. But what if you wake up early? Waking up early will give you time for everything. You can do things in order and you don't forget anything important.
Thus, wake up early to avoid unwanted things and make mornings pleasant.

Brushing Is Important
Yes, we all know brushing is important to protect our teeth and also to eliminate bad breath. What more important is the timing of brushing. The first thing you should do after waking up is to brush your teeth. Brushing makes you fresh and eliminates the remaining sleep left in your eyes. Sometimes, even your brush can turn on your mood. Use Colgate Charcoal Gold brush and make your mornings #Colgate360GoldMornings.

Go For A Walk
Exercise is a proven scientific way to keep your body and mind healthy. Going for a walk or jogging will not only make your body fit but also give you energy which can keep you the whole day fit. Don't be lazy to move around your body, once it becomes your habit there would be no mornings without exercise. You can also choose meditations like Yoga to make your body and mind free of unwanted thoughts and tensions related to anything.

Plan Your Day
Plan your day- this is one of the most common thing you see in self help and motivational and inspirational books. Planning your day with a list will help you to realise your duties and goals for that day. Planning can make your mind ready for the challenges. With planning, you don't feel weakness and it only contributes to your confidence. Beginning your mornings with high level of confidence will make your whole day energetic and pleasant.

Healthy Breakfast Is Must
Without breakfast, you can never turn your good mornings to gold mornings. A healthy breakfast rich in protein and nutrients is a must because it gives you the energy to keep you running all the day. Skipping breakfast is a bad habit and will affect your body and metabolism. That's why I already mentioned to wake up early. You should have enough time to have your breakfast full without hurries and worries.

So, these are my ways to turn good mornings to #Colgate360GoldMornings.

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Agra is a North Indian city which rests on the banks of the river Yamuna. Agra is 206 kilometers away from the capital city New Delhi whereas the distance between Agra and Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow is about 378 kilometers.

The first thing people relate with Agra city is world famous monument Taj Mahal. But, Agra city is much more than that. It is considered as one of the best tourist attractions in India. There is no reason to stop loving this North Indian city.

Indeed, the main attractions of Agra city are monuments built on Mughal era. Agra has good history backup because Agra came to fame when it became the capital of Mughal Empire. Apart from Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Agra fort are also considered as the main tourist attractions of Agra.

Well, now let's check how Agra city shines on other aspects.

As Agra is a junction of three highways, the journeys are usually hassle free. NH2 is the highway that connects Delhi and Agra. The distance is about 200 kilometers whereas the drive is about four hours. Another one is Yamuna Expressway which connects Noida and Agra. Through this highway, the drive is only about two hours.
There is also another national highway named NH 93 which connects Agra and Moradabad.

Agra is a rapidly developing city. Considering Agra's value in world tourism, the design and infrastructure should be world class. Taj Complex, Sanjay Place, Kinari Bazar, Sardar Bazar and Raja Ki Mandi are the main shopping areas of Agra. In Agra, tourism industry and handicraft industry are always flourishing. The presence of shopping complexes, malls, Banks, ATMs, Apartments, roads and flyovers really how Agra turned to a modern city.

As mentioned earlier, Agra is a junction of three highways. For local transport, one can rely on local bus services provided has Agra Municipal Corporation. Apart from them, one can depend on rickshaws, auto rickshaws, and tempos. Indian railway also has stations in Agra namely Agra City railway station, Agra Fort railway station, Yamuna Bridge railway station etc. Many long running trains like Bhopal Express, Taj Express, Tamil Nadu Express, Allahabad Madhura Express etc connect Agra to other major cities in India.

My love for Agra is infinite. Hence, my favorite city in India is Agra. The factors behind my love towards are many. As explained above, Agra is a beautiful place with beautiful monuments. The tourist attractions don't end in Taj Mahal or Agra Fort, many places like Itimad-ud-daula, Akbar's Tomb, Mankameshwar Temple, Gurudwara Guru Ka Taal, Chini Ka Rauza, Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh, Mariam's Tomb, Mehtab Bagh, Keetham Lake, Hewitt Park, Indrabhan Girls' Inter College etc make Agra more beautiful.

With a good drive around Agra, full satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are looking for more city drives then please have a look on this link.

Image Source: http://agra.nic.in/
My grandma is very fond of sweets and desserts. But there is a problem, she is diabetic. Her favorite dessert is 'Semiya Payasam'. So, I always prefer to cook sugar-free Semiya Payasam. Well, it's sweet and also sugar-free. My sugar-free Semiya Payasam is not only suitable for diabetic persons but also for diabetic free persons because this recipe is very tasty as well as healthy.

Semiya Payasam is considered as one of the best South Indian desserts. It is usually served with lunch. Here, I am sharing the recipe for four serves. The cooking time required for this recipe is 20 minutes. You may also need 15 minutes for preparing the ingredients. Following are the important ingredients for this healthy as well as tasty Payasam recipe.

Semiya (Vermicelli): half cup
Milk: 3 cups
Ghee: 2 table spoons
Water: 2 cups
Cashew nuts: 8 numbers
Raisins: 10 numbers
Sugarfree Natura: As required

As you noted, here we are using Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar to make this dessert recipe healthy and tasty. Now let's check how do we cook the tasty Semiya Payasam dessert.

First, heat your frying pan and add ghee to it. Then fry cashew nuts and raisins in it until they become crispy. Keep them aside. Now, add Semiya (vermicelli) to the same frying pan. Make it roast until it becomes golden in color. Keep it aside.

               Image Source: http://www.redchillycurry.com/

Now, boil two cups of water in another utensil. Add the roasted Semiya to the boiled water and cook it for 10 minutes. Add required Sugarfree Natura to it and boil again for two minutes. Now add milk to it and bring milk to boil. Switch off the stove and garnish it with already prepared fried cashew nuts and raisins.

That's it, delicious South Indian Semiya Payasam dessert is ready. Just serve it with the lunch and enjoy with the meals. As here we used Sugarfree Natura instead of sugar, you don't need to worry if you're a person suffering from diabetes or not.

       Image Source: http://mariasmenu.com/
Plenty of Android apps are available in Google Play Store. But every Android app doesn't have high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 to accommodate lots of apps. Many of us are frustrated with the lack of internal memory and all. Hence, we avoid junk apps as we are always limited to install apps which are very useful.  Here, I am sharing 10 Android apps which are extremely useful.

I haven't included highly popular Android apps like Facebook and Whatsapp because you already have them installed on your Android phone. Note that the list given below is purely based on my Android experience. So, pardon me if you find any app not extremely useful.

Android apps have a bad habit of depositing junk cache which eat up the internal memory of your smartphone. So it's necessary to clean up your phone regularly to free up internal memory, otherwise you may run out of memory any time. C Cleaner from Piriform is considered as one of the best apps to free up your internal memory.

Here are some features of C Cleaner:

  • Remove junk safely to speed up your phone.
  • Clear app cache, unwanted folders, clipboard content, old call logs etc.
  • Streamline your Android device.
  • Easily uninstall unwanted apps.
  • Free from annoying ads and clutter.
  • Small size.
You may also check out Clean Master as an alternative to C Cleaner.

Reasons may be various, but we always want to note down some points or list in our smartphone. Many phones already have inbuilt note taking apps, but usually they are not well crafted. Google Keep is a colorful, but simple note taking app from Google itself. It has a simple interface and it's a breeze to use.

Here are some features of Google Keep:
  • Add lists, notes and photos.
  • Labels to quickly organize notes.
  • Colorful and simple user interface.
  • Share your notes and ideas with friends.
  • Set location based reminder.
If you are looking for a note taking app with more functionalities then you may choose Evernote.

In order to manage your photos, videos, documents, apps and files, a file manager is a must for Android smartphones. Many smartphones come with preloaded file explorer apps which have limited functions and features. If someone ask me which is the best file manager for an Android phone, I would say it's ES File Explorer.

Here are some features of ES File Explorer:

  • Manage your files with several options like cut, copy, paste, delete, send, hide etc.
  • Manage your installed apps.
  • Built-in RAR and ZIP support.
  • Manage your smartphone files with your PC.
  • Cloud support.
Alternatively, you can also choose popular file managers like this too. 

Transferring a big media file from one Android phone to another one through connectivities like Bluetooth is a painfully slow process. Here, Xender comes to help you because it uses WiFi/hotspot of your phone (no internet data) to transfer files within few seconds. I had already posted a blog post defining how to use Xender.

Here are some features of Xender:
  • Transfer everything including apps.
  • Supports group sharing up to 4 devices.
  • Supports cross-platform transfer.
  • PC support.
  • No USB, no internet and no data.
If you are looking for alternative options then you may check out ShareIt.

Ebook reading is considered as a part of smartphone life. There are many ebook readers in Google Play Store and I prefer UB Reader. Usually, ebook readers read only files in epub format but UB Reader can read books in both epub and PDF format. Hence, UB Reader can act as ebook reader as well as PDF reader and you don't need to install two apps for these purposes.

Here are some features of UB Reader:
  • Open epub/pdf files from file explorers.
  • Highly customizable with font size, brightness, page orientation etc.
  • Integrated file browser to import ebooks.
  • Allows you to add shelves.
  • Available in 12 languages.
Alternatively, you can also go for ebook readers like Aldiko Book Reader.

Writing in smartphone becomes simpler with Google Handwriting Input. This app from Google is extremely useful and is a boon for non-English people. For example, my mother tongue is Malayalam and writing Malayalam with the keyboard was a tedious job because this language has many letters. With Google Handwriting Input, I can write Malayalam by simply moving my fingers.

Here are some features of Google Handwriting Input:
  • Support 82 languages.
  • Writable with or without a stylus.
  • Compliment for touchscreen typing.
  • Input emojis by drawing.
  •  Support printed and cursive writing.
We are used to look into our smartphone for a long time for purposes like chatting, browsing, reading etc. Looking into a smartphone for a long time, especially during night time causes strain in our eyes. This strain may eventually leads to sleeping problems. Twilight is a small Android app which protects your eyes from strain. You can read my blog post about Twilight from here.

Here are some features of Twilight:
  • Make your night reading more pleasant.
  • Works according to the sunrise and sunset time of your location.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Small size.
  • Also available for PC. 

I find these seven apps are extremely useful for me. There are also many other useful Android apps. Share them with us using the comment section.

Whatsapp is a hub for photos (I am not comparing it with Instagram, lol). You may receive lots of photos and pictures from your friends and groups. Usually, all these Whatsapp photos appear on your gallery. So what if you don't want these pictures appear in your Android phone's gallery.

Follow the steps below to hide Whatsapp photos from camera roll or gallery.
  • Open the file explorer of your phone, I recommend you to use ES File Explorer.
  • Browse to Sdcard/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images
  • Create a new file there.
  • Name the file as .nomedia
  • Next moment, photos will disappear from your gallery of your Android phone.
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Whatsapp is considered as the most popular instant messenger. It has many useful options embedded with it, but many users don't use them. Blue ticks are shown when a Whatsapp message is read, but sometimes you may want to check the exact time your sent message was read.

Follow the steps below to check when your Whatsapp message was read.

1. Go to your Whatsapp messenger app.
2. Tap and hold on the Whatsapp message you sent.

3. Now click on the info icon from the top.
4. You can see the exact time your message was read.

5. If you are using iPhone then just drag the message to the left to get time details.

I hope this Whatsapp trick will help you. If you want to know how to restrict access to your Whatsapp profile picture then click here.

Yes, sometimes you may want to download interesting Facebook videos and watch them  again and again. Here I am sharing a way to download Facebook videos to your PC.

Follow the steps below to download FB videos:

1. Go to www.facebook.com
2. Browse to the Facebook video you wish to download
3. Right click on the video and copy the video URL.
4. Now go to en.savefrom.net
5. Paste the URL address in the box given there, as given in the screenshot.

6. Press enter or click the arrow button.
7. Now your video will appear, download the video in your favourite format from the drop down menu.

I hope you liked this simple facebook trick.

Transferring big files from one phone to another one is a time consuming task because speed through connectivity options like bluetooth is not sufficient. Here I am sharing a way to make data transfer between Android phones super speed.

  1. First of all sender and receiver should install Android app named Xender. You can download and install this app from here
  2. Now open Xender app on sender phone and select the files you want to send. The files can be anything, apps, videos, movies, audio, images etc.
  3. Now select the send option.
  4. You can see something as shown in the screenshot.
  5. Now open Xender app on receiver phone.
  6. Select the plus button on the right bottom of app and choose Join Group.
  7. You can see the sender phone in the screen, select it and the file will be received to your phone in few seconds.
Xender is an extremely useful which makes data transfer between phones a breeze. It uses WiFi to transfer files at high speeds but it doesn't need internet connection. The interface of this app may appear little confusing but it's very easy to use when you are used to it.

Intel Remote Keyboard is an Android app which helps you to control your PC by acting as remote mouse and keyboard. This Android app works for any PC which has Windows 7 or higher.

The app is easy to setup and use. First of all download and install Intel Remote Keyboard Android app from Google Play Store. Then download and install host software to your PC. The Android app automatically detects your PC and you have to pair the app with your PC by scanning the QR code on your PC screen with your mobile phone camera. The app uses WiFi as the medium to connect PC and mobile phone.

The app provides a full keyboard and a trackpad that supports multi ouch gestures. This is a highly useful app from Intel and you can use its potential during presentations and all.

Earlier, I have posted How To See Saved Passwords In Google Chrome. Now, I am going with Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is one of the most popular PC browsers out there. Here, I am sharing the legitimate way to see saved passwords in Firefox. This way you can also manage your saved passwords in Firefox.

Follow the steps below to see saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox.

1. Open Firefox and click on Firefox option at the right top.
2. Scroll down and select Options (gear icon).
3. Now select security panel from the left side.
4. Click on saved passwords as shown in the screenshot.

5. A window will be opened, select show passwords and all passwords will be shown.

6. From there you can also remove passwords stored in Firefox browser.

This way you can easily see saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox PC browser.